Dynamic. Driven. Disruptive.

At Avalon, we believe that just because something has always been done a certain way doesn’t mean it should always remain that way. It’s time to level up and infuse some creativity and energy into a new model: a proprietary solution that leverages technology, data, and analytics. Offers community-driven rates. And helps you meet all of your goals. 

Avalon offers unique, specialized property risk management services created for an elite clientele.

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The Avalon Advantage

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Premium Paid




Premium Paid



Elite Ownership Groups

Elite Ownership Groups (Business Practices & Property Characteristics)

Data Driven Technology

Data Driven Technology

Construction Consultant

Construction Consultant

Reduced Operating Expenses & Reduced Claim Expenses

Reduced Operating Expenses & Reduced Claim Expenses

Increased Profit

Increased Profit


Reduced Operating Expenses & Reduced Claim Expenses

Reduced Expenses (Decreased Premiums, Deductible & Rate Stability)

100k dollar

Increased in Net Operating Income/ Avg. 6% Capitalization Rate

1.6 M dollar - Increased Asset Value

Increased Asset Value

Exclusive Program

Exclusive Solution

Avalon isn’t for everyone. And that’s how we want it.

Our elite clientele consists of thoughtfully selected, like-minded owners and principals of large real estate investment trusts and property management company portfolios.

It’s common practice for carriers to pool together an entire industry and assess risks against the entire market, which means that you can be surcharged for other businesses’ poor decision-making and unsavory management practices. This is not only an inaccurate process, but it’s unfair to those who do the right thing. Your best practices and prudent management style warrant preferential treatment and rating. And we’re going to provide it to you.

Our proprietary model is available to our elite ownership group and only our elite ownership group. The collaborative, customized solutions. The responsive service. The tailored pricing can increase your net operating income. It’s all ours—and yours. No other property owner can access it. No other broker can offer it. And no other company can match it.

Our exclusive solution for elite clients is proof of our commitment to our clientele. It sets us apart from the rest of the pack in a highly competitive industry.

Benefit Property Value

At Avalon, we offer a comprehensive risk management system backed by superior coverage forms. Our coverage is not only geared toward the commercial insurance marketplace but it is also priced significantly lower. As a result, the reduction in overhead will actually increase the value of your property.

Our goal is to provide you with the most beneficial options.


We collaborate with a panel of A-rated carriers that possess the ability to provide a level of security beyond what most carriers can offer.

Our coverage is custom and flexible, and our claims are adjusted by McLarens, an international claims adjustment company, ensuring a streamlined and efficient claims process.

Our partners are successful, respected, and trusted leaders in their respective fields and industries.

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Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics

At Avalon, our mission is to revolutionize the distribution of insurance coverage, not the coverage itself. We leverage cutting-edge technologies and real-time data analytics to streamline processes, reduce costs, and empower our clients to make informed decisions. By partnering with us, clients gain access to innovative solutions that elevate their standards and drive success.

Additionally, we work with experts who are extremely knowledgeable in commercial property —including a construction consultant, to streamline the claims process. We offer manuscript policy forms to provide the coverage you need—and coverage you may not have known you could obtain— all tailored per location to provide the correct amount of coverage at the appropriate price.

Our mission is to give you complete protection created for your specific needs.


Efficient claim handling is an expectation. But we take our service to the next level with a construction consultant who serves as a liaison between you, the property inspectors, third-party administrators, adjustors, and contractors. Because this person also consults on property damage and reconstruction cost valuation, we are able to streamline processes and resolve disputes, which limits the increased costs of “claim creep” and helps stabilize deductibles and rates.

Our team is composed of experts whose skills, knowledge, and experience take our property risk management services to the highest level.

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